Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 799 -- Clinton

The fishing is sure good here in far western Montana. If you would like a desktop wallpaper of this guy fishing the Rock Creek, near Clinton, go to They have lots and lots of wallpaper for fishing buffs. Personally, I'm a little cold.

We got four or five inches of snow overnight, so no running outdoors for me. I know, some people do it, but not me. The indoor track was closed for a volleyball tournament. And I didn't want to take the day off, because I'm going to a play tomorrow afternoon, so I don't think I'm going to get in a run tomorrow. So, it was the treadmill for me. Ugh.

Once again, I had a hard time finding a pace. I started slowly, and tried to build up speed, but I couldn't maintain the 8 minute miles. I think that when I'm going too fast on the track, I just slow down. But when I'm going too fast on the treadmill, the treadmill just keeps going too fast. So I don't slow down until I consciously hit the brakes, and I end up overextending myself. Anyway, I eventually settled in at about 9 minute miles, and finished 6.2 miles in 60 minutes. Not a bad workout, but not like real running.