Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 798 -- Turah

The caption on this photo in the Husko Family's Picassa web album is, "Look it's Turah, Montana! Weeeeeeee....." They didn't mention the Jogger in the clown pants.

I managed to get in my run today. I didn't get out this morning. I was just moving too slowly. But I went to the gym at noon and got in a quick 5.3 miles. That was enough to get me through a hard day. I'm tired, and my students were listless. The two classes that I had today were the two that had the exam last night, so they weren't really ready to learn new things. Oh, well, we'll all get some rest this weekend, and we'll be ready to go on Monday.

While I was away, the Chic Runner has posted the official results of the FFFK. Thanks, again and again and again, to everyone who participated.