Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 792 -- FFFK

I decided to go ahead and run the FFFK today. I'm just not sure if I'm going to get to run tomorrow or not. So I decided to get it in a day early. My time for the 5K was 28:34. That was outdoors, in fairly cold weather. At least there was little wind. But it surely would have been faster on the track. I hope that I didn't let you down, Nancy.

As you can see from the above logo, I have abandoned all pretense that the FFFK is anything other than a pathetic plea for attention. Objectively, though, I think I have to admit that Non-Runner Nancy is cuter than I am. Maybe it's the rose.

Grandma Jogger also joined in the fun, along with her cardiac rehab group. She writes:

Today, February 13, 2009, five heart patients and two friends/spouses who were exercising along with us dedicated their stepping, walking, bicycling and elliptical exercise to Non-runner Nancy for your Freakishly Flexible 5K “Race”. Results are in this table, but I leave it to you to translate steps and miles into kilometers. Please let me know the translation so I can report it back at rehab next week. I think we all had fun thinking about her, and will keep her in our thoughts and prayers in future days.

PersonRecumbent stepper (steps)Stationary bike
Elliptical (miles)
Alan (bypasses)3069---
Lee (stents)2102-1.134-
Jerry (bypasses )-1.258--
Charlie (bypasses)171-.626-
Mike (stents)4.9.753--
Barb (friend)10293---
Dorothy (spouse)---3.2

OK, the Bike, Treadmill, and Elliptical total 11.9 miles, which is just over 19 km. I have no idea how to translate the steps into km.


Beth said...

I think Nancy has you beat even without the rose. Congrats on your FFFK! I can't wait to run my race tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Hey dude, i just wanted to let you know i cannot do the FFFK for Nancy!! I thought i could but my broken toe is still, well broken and i was told not to run on it just yet!!!!

Sorry!!! I wish i could do it. In my mind I am doing it 100 times a day!!!!

Good job on your FFFK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

2000 steps is a mile, so you figure out how many steps is in a kilometer and give us credit for that along with the 19 K you gave us for the miles moved.

Grandma Jogger's rehab group

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I did my FFFK - ~30:10 - report is up!

MCM Mama said...

Got my run for the FFFK done - 26:39!

Report -

Kristen said...

Great idea about the FFFK for Nancy. I heard about it through Chic Runner.
My husband and I did 8 miles today but I dedicated about 5 miles to Nancy. The first 3 were awful.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Melanie said...

did my FFFK for Nancy today, not a fast one, but i ran nonetheless, updating my blog now..

Karen said...

Hey ... did my FFFK today, a bit late so punished myself with extra's.. coming in 16.2k in an hour and 42... UG!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh my gosh. I am so bawling at the rehabbers thinking of me and praying for me. You are too sweet and so are they !!!

I have never run a 5k that fast but no matter how fast or slow you ran it, you pretty much could not have let me down.

Thanks so much for your caring!

Topher said...

I didn't/haven't had time to write a race report, but my time was 33:10.