Thursday, June 04, 2009

Day 876 -- Ten Sleep

I'm still a few miles short of Ten Sleep, but what the heck! According to Wikipedia, Ten Sleep is named because it was 10 days travel -- ten sleeps -- from three important locations: Fort Laramie, Yellowstone Park, and the Indian agency on the Stillwater River in Montana. I bet that's a bunch of hooey, but I don't know how you'd find out. If it says it in Wikipedia, it's got to be true, right?

This photo is posted in However, some user has left a comment that "This sign does not exist in Ten Sleep nor has it existed in the past 30 years." More misinformation! I'm beginning to think that Ten Sleep has something to hide.

I ran a good seven miles today. I wanted to get under 10 minutes per mile, but I didn't quite make it. Oh, well. It was still a good run. Tomorrow, I'll just shoot for an easy run.