Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 890 -- Campbell County

The Campbell County courthouse is in Gillette, some 35 more miles ahead. But I just crossed into Campbell County, so that's an excuse to visit the courthouse. This photo is from the Flikr stream of someone with the handle "courthouselover". They say that "Henry Therkildsen A.I.A. designed this courthouse in 1971. It replaced the county's previous courthouse which stood where this one now does." And, being a courthouse lover, I guess that they would know.

Yesterday, when I was listing the things that might get me through 17 miles today, I neglected to include (c) I can be as stubborn as a teenager when I want to be. Pretty much after mile 12, stubborn was all that was keeping me going. It helped that right about then, I ran into two different members of the Sunday morning crowd who asked how far I was going today. I said "17 miles", and they were both impressed. Well, after that, I had to actually run the 17 miles, didn't I?