Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 887 -- Big Horn Basque Club

Buffalo has less than 5000 residents, but apparently a good number of them are Basques. This is Zaharrer Segi, the Basque dancers of the Big Horn Basque Club. They describe themselves on the web site of North American Basque Organizations:
We are a younger group, who has learned from the older generation. The dancers range in age from adult to four years old. We are supported by our local Basque Club, The Big Horn Basque Club. The Zaharrer Segi dance group provides performances for public events both in our local community and in surrounding areas. Most of the dances we perform originate from the region around the towns of Luzaide and Arneguy, in the Basque Country. We enjoy our Basque heritage and hope to keep it alive for many more generations.

I did take yesterday off from running. The only part of me that regretted it was that tiny part of my brain that is committed to running 24 days in June. This was my fourth day off, so I only get two more in the next twelve days, if I want to make that goal. However, the rest of my body and brain was ready for a break. In fact, a number of parts voted for another day off today, but the decision to run won on a narrow vote. I got in a steady seven miles. The summer humidity has arrived big time, so I was pretty sweaty by the time I finished. I guess I'd better get used to it.