Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Joy of Running

Greg, over at The Runners' Lounge, posted a thread about "The Joy of Running". I liked my answer so much, that I couldn't stand for it to just sit in the one forum on The Lounge. So, with a little editing, here it is:

The first thing that running does for me is that it gives me time to think. When I'm not running, there's always something to distract me. If I'm not working, I'm probably checking my blogs, or playing an on-line game, or doing a crossword. The only time I get to just think is when I'm on the road. Sometimes I thinks about important stuff, like work or classes or family matters. And sometimes I just thinks about my next blog post.

The second thing that running does is feed my endorphin addiction. No matter how bad I feel before I start, I always feel pretty good when it's over. Usually, that feeling lasts at least through the morning, if not all day. I know that it's just chemicals, but what the heck! Some people pay big bucks for chemicals to make them feel good. And endorphins are legal!

Another dirty little secret is that when I'm running, I'm allowed to sweat. I'm a big guy, and I sweat a lot. I sweat when I'm teaching. I sweat when I'm walking. I sweat when I climb a flight of stairs. Sometimes, I sweat when I just sit there. Sometimes, it's embarrasing. But when I'm running, I'm supposed to sweat. On a day like today, when my socks are squishy by the time I'm done running, nobody complains. (OK, Mrs. Jogger complains a little, but she gets over it.)

Finally, of course, running keeps me relatively healthy. I'm not at the weight that I'd like to be, but if I wasn't running, just think of where I would be!

So, anyone else with a running blog want to chime in? If you do, be sure to leave me a comment telling me to check you out.