Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 892 -- More Scouts

Well, I ended up taking yesterday off from running, in a sort of unusual way. I got up, put on my running stuff, started my warm-up walk, but I found myself so worried about getting ready for Scout Camp that, instead of running, I jumped in the car and drove to camp to get things ready. Camp is at the county fairgrounds, about 20 minutes away. I drove out there, messed around with stuff, drove back, had breakfast, then took the littlest Little Jogger back out to start our day.

What was I worried about? Three things. On Monday, we all got way too much sun. We had a canopy, but it was hard to keep the kids under it. So I moved our venue to the cow barn. This has some obvious disadvantages, but it was fairly well cleaned out, and we really needed the shade. I also wanted to make sure that I had a convenient water faucet, so we could play some water games. We did. That also helped with problem number three, which was making sure that I had enough activities to fill the time.

So Tuesday went better than Monday, and so did today. There were some problems, still, but we worked through them. One of the kids had a horrible tantrum on Tuesday, but we just put him in a "time out" chair until he calmed down, and he has been no trouble since. A different kid had a mini-tantrum today, but his mother is my helper, so I just let her deal with him.

As you can see, we went fishing yesterday. Here you can see one of my tigers has landed 2.5 inches of furious bluegill. We were at the public park there in the county seat, and it was all catch and release. Too bad, because this whopper would have made a nice little fish stick. Anyway, the kids had fun. You can see that the scout doesn't think this fish is too small.

Oh, I did run today, a medium-swift four miler. I think that the humidity is down, which helps a lot.