Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 1057 -- Mound

Six miles this morning took me past my house, down the street, across town, and onto the highway, headed northeast toward the state capitol. From there (if it weren't covered with snow), you would be able to see this letter on the hill outside of town.

This is, in fact, the largest version of the 13th letter of the English alphabet in the world. Yes, it is featured in the "What's Large Where?" section of The World's Largest Collection of The World's Smallest Versions of The World's Largest Things. The casual observer may be a bit puzzled, as neither the name of the town nor the name of the state begins with M. What begins with M is the name that the University used to have. Many years ago, the Wisconsin School of Mines was here in Joggerville. The M was built at that time, and maintained ever since. Even though the Mining school is long gone, replaced by the University of Wisconsin-Joggerville.


Addy N. said...

Ha ha! I saw that in person when I interviewed back in 2001! I hope you are doing well- I'm trying to get back to keeping up with some blogs again...