Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 1066 -- Fitchburg

Fitchburg is a suburb of Madison. It has grown considerably in the 20 years since we first moved to Madison. Here you can see the sign for Mckee Farm Park, where they are apparently having much nicer weather than we are having just down the highway.

I had planned to go to the gym today at noon, to run on the indoor track. But it was so nice at noon -- about 30 degrees and sunny -- that I decided to go ahead and run outside. Big mistake. You know what they have outside? Hills! Not pretend hills, like the gentle incline on the dreadmill. Real, steep, big honking hills that you have to drag your flabby ass all the way up. Also it was cold. I came up slightly short of my scheduled 11 miles, but it felt more like 50. I swear I haven't been this tired at the end of a run since the marathon.