Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 1075 -- More Beaver Dam

From, the Swan City Band shell. They say,
Swan Park is Beaver Dam's pride and joy. It has a natural spring in the park that has now been piped underground from the spring house to the pond. The park also has a horseshoe pit, playground, picnic tables, and lots of open space for those special events held here throughout the year. Don't forget to see the amazing Victorian-style picnic shelter with all of it's colorful frills.

I ran a hard six this morning. I wasn't sure I was up to it, but I survived. And tomorrow, I'm going to sleep in.


John Romeo Alpha said...

The first day you reported from Beaver Dam, it reminded me of a friend I went to college with from there. But now on day 2, I have confirmed that he is actually from Beaver, PA, and went back there after college. So I wondered, how many towns can be Beaver-related? At least five Beavers: PA, UT, OK, WV and WI(2), but only one other Beaver Dam (Kentucky). Huh. Two Beaver, Wisconsins.