Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 1059 -- Art Point

Just a little northeast of the town with the the railroad depot is Art Point. No, the name isn't really Art Point. If you look closely at the water tower, you can see what it is. But the town aspires to be a little artsy community in southeast Wisconsin. They have a bunch of little arty shops and frou-frou restaurants. They have artists in residence in the summer and plays in the park. It's really kind of cute. Mrs. Jogger and I like to run over there when we can dump the kids and just walk around. A year or so ago we got into a great discussion with a potter about the various kinds of clay and pottery techniques. He was just sitting in his quiet little shop, and we came in and started asking questions, and off he went. It was a blast.

I ran six miles this morning. It wasn't a real strong run, but I finished my goal, which was good.


John Romeo Alpha said...
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John Romeo Alpha said...

Seeking to link Art Point, cheese, and cycling, I hit the mother lode with The Cheese Country Recreation trail which runs through Art Point. It looks lovely. Fat tires recommended. Excellent. Let's ride. -JR