Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1067 -- Madison

In 1991, Mrs. Jogger and I landed in Madison, a relatively young married couple, in pursuit of an education and good Thai food. Five years later, we left with a doctorate and a toddler, each of which has proved to be a blessing in some ways. I guess the toddler must have been the one we liked more, because in the intervening 15 years, we've added three more kids, but no more advanced degrees.

Two fun things for today's post. Above, you'll see a picture of the Sidewalk Math tutoring, which occurs at the UW-Madison every spring. At least, it has occurred every spring since 1992, when my friends and I started it. It is really cool to see that it is still going on, long after all the grad students (and many of the professors, I'd guess) have forgotten me and my friends.

The other fun thing was that when I googled "Van Vleck Hall Madison", searching for images of the math building, the eight image that came up was this one:

Longtime readers may remember the Virtual Run Across America, from early 2009. While I was running from west to east, a bunch of us were running from east to west, all at different rates. But, if you click through, you'll see that we petered out by mid-March. But of course, the blog is still out there.

I took a scheduled day off yesterday, and almost took an unscheduled day off today. I didn't manage to struggle out of bed in the morning, but I did get in a quick four at the gym at noon. Enough to get me to the UW Campus, and Van Vleck Hall.