Friday, February 12, 2010

Days 1063 and 1064 -- Mt. Horeb

Four miles yesterday, and six miles today, carries me close to Mt. Horeb, and the Mustard Museum. I really have to stop into the Mustard Museum for real, one of these days.

Yesterday's run and today's were both at the fitness center, on the dreadmill. ESPN had the trainee closed-captioner on duty this morning. Half the time, I didn't know what they were trying to say. But my favorite was one I did figure out, eventually. The commentator said that U.S. skier was Lindsey Vonn was worried that Bruce Chin would keep her from the Olympics. And I thought, "Who in hell is Bruce Chin? Her coach? Some Olympic official? A deranged stalker?" After a little reflection, I realized that they've been talking all week about Vonn's bruised shin. Perhaps the closed-captioner didn't know that.


MCM Mama said...

The mustard museum rocks! I love that place!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I believe the Mustard Museum recently moved to Middleton.

USJogger said...

WHAT? Did the Eiffel Tower move to Madrid? Did the Great Wall of China move to Japan? Did the London Bridge move to Arizona? (OK, that last one is a bad example.) The Mustard Museum can't move. I demand an investigation.