Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 1072 and 1073 -- Lowell

There's bit of an empty spot here between Columbus and Beaver Dam, so I went off the road a little bit to visit Lowell. Lowell is where Ray Peacock spotted this locomotive in 2006. He uploaded it to, which is where Google found it for me.

I ran a quick tempo run yesterday morning, and then six miles today. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, because I was out for dinner. My university is looking for a new chancellor, and the four finalists are visiting this week and next. They are arranging dinner for the candidates with various campus leaders, and as a faculty senator, I qualify. For one candidate. The real important people are invited to dinner with all four candidates. Anyway, I liked this guy a lot, and I'd be happy if he became chancellor. But I don't actually get a vote, so I'll just sit back and see what happens.