Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 1056 -- Home

Well, not quite. I ended today's run 0.9 miles short of Chez Jogger. But with six miles on the schedule tomorrow, I'll run right through town and be on my way up the road by tomorrow. So today was the day to post the picture.

In fact, today was the day to take the picture. This photo, snapped this very afternoon, shows Chez Jogger covered with its fresh new two or three inches of snow that fell last night. (Alas, not enough to cancel or even delay school. The Little Joggers were devastated.)

When I reached Washington and turned right, back in late 2008, I knew that I was headed to Joggerville. I imagined getting here and running one run where I actually covered the miles that were going into my virtual run. I did not imagine getting here in the dead of winter. So that plan is out the window. Tomorrow's six will be on the indoor track, and I'll lay them out on the map to take me out of town.