Sunday, March 07, 2010

Day 1082 -- UW-Oshkosh

I couldn't leave the Oshkosh area without a stop to visit the math department at UW-Oshkosh. This is their Math/Stats Club. The fellow in the tie right in front of me is their adviser, just one of my many friends at UW-O. As a group, they are very active in the Wisconsin Section of the MAA, so I know quite a few of them. In fact, the spring Section meeting will be in Oshkosh this year, on April 16 and 17. Be sure to come on by. It will be a whee of a time.

It rained overnight, and was still at least threatening at noon, so I used that as an excuse to go to the gym for my long run. The real reason, of course, is that I didn't know if I had 15 miles in me, but if I ran on the track, with no hills, there was an outside chance that I would make it. As it was, I just barely did. The last three to five miles were on pure stubbornness. I think it helped that I had posted my goal twice here in JogAmericaBlog in the last two days. I didn't want to have to get back on today and say that I only made 13, or 10, or 7, or whatever. So know, world, that I made the full 15 today.

I might as well say that next Sunday's goal is 17. Wish me luck!