Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jogger's Progress, and Ooops

Time45 days, 20 hrs, 44 min
3 day, 1 hrs, 43 mins

The "oops" is that I took another unscheduled day off. I was up late last night, giving an exam, so I just slept in this morning. I thought about running in the afternoon, but I didn't. Oh, well.

It was a good month, but not a great one. Not as many miles as March, 2009, or March, 2008. In fact, it was four fewer miles than March, 2008, in one more minute. I'm running slower. Old age seems to be catching up to me.

I did add my 23rd state, by running into Michigan. Since my plan is to run across the Upper Peninsula, cross over at Mackinaw City, and run down the Lower Peninsula to Ann Arbor, it will be a while before I add my 24th state. In fact, at that point, I won't know where to go, since I've already been in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Stay tuned, and see what I decide.