Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 1085 -- Little Chute

One of these people -- presumably number 18 -- is Riker Le Noble, a baseball player at Little Chute High School. I found Riker's picture on an interesting web site: The site says its job is "Connecting High School athletes and College Coaches." So if you are a college baseball coach, Riker is available. As far as I know. lists six athletes from Little Chute -- two baseball players, one boys basketball player, one boys soccer player, one girls cross country runner, and one softball player. I'm sure that if you dig around, you can find out the criteria for getting yourself listed on the site. I'm willing to guess that money is involved.

I didn't feel bad this morning. I ran a little over five miles, with some bursts of "speed" alternated with my normal jogging.