Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 1145 -- Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth is "Michigan's Little Bavaria, at least according to the city's web site. They also claim there is "One Town. A Million Ways to Enjoy It." Way back in the mists of history, when Mrs. J and I lived in Ann Arbor, we came up to Frankenmuth for a visit. I guess we would have to go back 999,999 more times to get the full experience.

This photo of the Bavarian Inn Lodge is from

I am spending the next three days out of town, at the Faculty College, a system-wide professional development workshop. I was here once before, in 2007, and I got enough out of it that I thought it was worth coming back. The speakers are really challenging us to think about how our students learn, and how their experiences and habits of mind are different from ours. Of course, this is something that any good teacher is aware of on some level, but it's interesting to make those things explicit. I've gotten quite a bit out of the first day, anyway.

I did get in a run, along an abandoned rail bed turned biking/jogging path. It is nice and flat and smooth, but the mileage is not well marked, so I ended up estimating my distance.