Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 1148 -- Flint

The Digistar Users Group has a list of every single Digistar Planetarium around the world, and wouldn't you know it, there's one in Flint, Michigan. I suppose that if one were to dig around, one could find out what exactly a Digistar Planetarium is. I imagine that since this is a Users Group, it's the software that runs the light show. But who knows?

I did take yesterday off, and I think it helped. I had a very nice run today -- ten miles at a good pace. It was overcast for most of the run, and rose from the lower fifties at the start to about 60 at the end. So most of the run, all I could think was, "Why couldn't it have been like this last weekend?" Of course, wishing to change last week's weather is no more effective than wishing to change next week's. Oh, well, today was a nice run, and I enjoyed it.