Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1164 -- Detroit

I'm actually somewhere in the Northern suburbs of Detroit; I won't pass through the city itself. I thought I ought to get in at least one Detroit photo, but then I couldn't decide which photo to use. It's easy enough to get skylines, but it's hard to put myself into them, particularly since they are mostly shot across the river. I thought about picking a photo of the Pistons, the only local team I really rooted for in my time in Michigan, but I haven't followed the NBA for so long, I don't even know any of the Pistons any more. So finally I settled on the abandoned Central Station.

I ran eight miles this morning, to complete my scheduled 11 mile run from yesterday. I admit that it felt really, really good. Just long enough and just hard enough to really pump me up. Of course, it wasn't really the same as an 11 mile run, but that's OK. It was supposed to be an easy week anyway. Now I'm supposed to pick it up for next week, but I'm facing the fact that I haven't had a day off since Wednesday. For two different reasons, my scheduled days off on Friday and Monday both got axed. So do I keep running until the next scheduled day off, this Friday? What to do, what to do....