Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1159 -- Northville

Northville sounds like a nice little town. According to Russ Ravery,
Each summer the city holds a nice Arts and Craft show called "Art in the Sun", A Victorian Festival in the fall. And Northville and the surrounding Victorian homes come alive for Halloween. A great place for kids to trick or treat and enjoy the festivities.

Of course, Russ is trying to sell real estate, so he's probably not going to come out and say, "Northville is a stinking hell-hole, that anybody in their right mind would avoid."

I got in four miles this morning. There are thunderstorms predicted for overnight, and no time to go to the gym, so we'll see whether I get out tomorrow or not.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Never underestimate the stinking hell hole demographic. They may be a very undertargeted market, ripe for the picking.