Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 1146 -- Birch Run

Here's a story about Christmas shopping at the Birch Run Outlet Mall. It seems to me that this is another place that I visited with Mrs. J once upon a long, long time ago. Possibly it was the same trip when we visited Frankenmuth. We lived in Ann Arbor from 1987 to 1989, so I've had plenty of time to forget the details. Considering that I can't reliably recall what I had for breakfast, you probably shouldn't make any bets on whether or not I've ever been to the Birch Run Outlet Mall.

Another easy four this morning in this little town. We had a downpour yesterday afternoon that ushered in slightly cooler, slightly drier weather. So it wasn't a bad run at all, especially at the pace I ran. And so far, I've run every day in June. Any bets on how long I can keep that up?


Anonymous said...

Well nephew I don't think that you will last the month without a day of rest, so I would guess about 6 days till an off day.