Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 1160 -- Livonia

Cub Scout Day Camp takes a lot out of you. First of all, there's the kids. Dozens of them. Coming at you in waves. And they have the energy of chihuahuas on speed, and the attention span of gnats. And even when you get a break, you don't actually get away from them, so you're still constantly yelling, "Don't climb on that! Don't hit him! Pick up that trash!" And you're on your feet all day, and the Lancaster County Fairgrounds are not air-conditioned. So Cub Scout Day Camp takes a lot out of you.

Which is my way of explaining why I took an unscheduled day off yesterday. I also slept in this morning, but the fourth day of Day Camp starts at 1:00, so I got to run this morning, just a little later. We start at 1:00 today so we can go to 7:00, and have a program for the parents in the evening. Since one of my duties is to direct the kids' skits, I had a big part in that program. I can honestly say that the skits didn't totally suck this year.

Anyway, Scout Camp is done for the year, and it went pretty well, I thought. I may even go back next year.