Sunday, June 20, 2010

Days 1157 and 1158 -- Ann Arbor

Six miles yesterday brought me to the outskirts of Ann Arbor. Then fifteen this morning brought me through Ann Arbor and partway down the road on the other side. But I figured that it was worth a stop, if only to complete the tour of my post-secondary education. In October, 2006, I visited the town where I got my undergraduate degrees. In February of this year, I visited the town where I got my Ph.D. Between those two milestones in my life, I earned a Master's degree from the University of Michigan here in Ann Arbor.

When I was here, in the late 1980's, the math department was in Angell Hall, which you see behind me. Since then, they have moved lock, stock, and barrel to another building, and I have no idea what's in Angell now. I haven't been back to Ann Arbor in Real Life for close to 20 years. And, of course, there aren't that many people even left there whom I knew.

This morning's run was rough. I started out slow, then tapered off. But I kept running through the last few miles. It was slow, but it was running.

Tomorrow is a scheduled day off. This may or may not be a good idea, because I have to make it through the day with 70 or so noisy Cub Scouts. It is the first day of the annual Summer Day Camp, at which I am again a staffer. The oldest and newest Little Jogger is going to be a Junior Staffer, and the littlest Little Jogger is again going to be a camper. The other two LJ's have science camp in the morning, so Mrs. J will be home alone for half a day. The poor thing. I wonder how she will manage.