Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 1156 -- Whitmore Lake

Whitmore Lake, MI, is home to the World Headquarters of Balance Technology, Inc. (BTI). They make "precision measurement and testing systems and services".

I ran just 4.5 miles this morning, faster than yesterday's run, but not quite as fast as Tuesday's. It's still warm and muggy. They are predicting rain tonight and tomorrow, so maybe that will cool us off.

In softball news, the team went down to defeat 24-0 today. It was embarrassing. I played first, and I didn't get a single put out. Of course, we only got nine outs. In our league, there is a 15 run mercy rule after nine innings. The game was actually over so fast that we played one more exhibition inning, which we won, 2-0, mainly because they weren't trying. We are in the "C" league, and we agreed that the team we played should have been in at least "B", if not "A". And, to tell the truth, we played like we should have been in "D" or "F", but "C" is as low as it gets. Oh, well, we'll get 'em next time.