Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 1165 Jogger's Progress

Time49 days, 10 hrs, 0 min
6 days, 14 hrs, 59 mins

I haven't been very good at keeping on schedule, lately. Yesterday was a perfectly nice day to run. A cool front came in on Monday night, and it was noticeably cooler. But I just turned off the alarm, rolled over, and slept for almost three more hours. I guess I needed it.

In any case, it was still cool this morning. Running is so much better in the fifties than the sixties. So I had a good run, and I'm feeling pretty good overall right now.

It was a pretty average month, I guess. I looked back at previous Junes. In 2009, I ran a lot more in June. In 2006 I ran a little more. In 2007 I ran a little less. And in 2008, I ran exactly the same number of miles, 133.7.

Overall, I'm only 10 miles behind where I was at the end of June, 2009, and I'm well ahead of the first six months of any previous year. Since I didn't set a goal to outrun 2009 this year, I think I'm doing pretty well.