Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day 1144 -- Saginaw

Saginaw is the county seat of Saginaw county, and has some 55,000 people, so it has a pretty good web presence. And it seems to have a thing for towers. Above is the former Castle Station post office, now the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History. Below is the Hoyt Library. I've always wanted a house with a tower. Maybe if I move to Saginaw, I can get one.

I ran this morning, a relatively easy five miles. I spent part of the time second-guessing my performance on Sunday. If only I had started out slower. Or not spent so much time in the heat on Saturday. Or just kept going at mile 20. Or something. It's garbage thinking, I know. I thought DNF was the right decision at the time, and even if it wasn't, I can't change it now.

I spent another part of the run planning for the Lakefront Marathon. I have to wait just under 18 weeks to redeem myself, but I intend to redeem myself big time. I need to work hard over the summer. I could sure stand to lose some weight. And I want to put in enough long runs that nothing can stop me when I hit the actual marathon. God knows it's not going to be hotter on October 3 than my hottest long run this summer.

I also spent part of the run just enjoying myself. I realized that, in spite of it all, running is still fun for me. That's good. I may actually quit marathoning, after Lakefront and after another crack at Madison. But I can't quit running.