Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 1189 -- Waterloo

Nice building, huh? It's the Perimeter Institute, an international center for basic research in foundational issues of theoretical physics, in Waterloo, ON. I stole the photos ArcSpace, an on-line architecture magazine.

I walked out this morning determined to do 18 miles. I missed another long run last weekend, because of the funeral, so I was going to finish my 18, if I had to crawl the last few miles. What I didn't count on was the weather. At about nine miles, I started to see thunder and lightning in the distance. I switched my route so that I was sticking close to home, and I got in almost six more miles, but at that point, the rain started to pour, and the lightning seemed to close, so I cut it off. I made just short of 15 miles.

It rained like hell for about an hour. Someone at church said their rain gauge, which measures up to five inches, overflowed. I'm not sure when they emptied it, though. In any case, we got a lot. As usual, we got a little in our basement, but we cleaned it up.