Monday, August 02, 2010

Days 1183 and 1184 -- Jogger's Progress

Time50 days, 8 hrs, 13 min
7 days, 13 hrs, 12 mins

So, what have I been up to?

Thursday evening: The church softball team won its second game. Everyone played pretty well, and we got a couple of breaks, and it turned out to be a pretty one-sided game. The last time we played these guys, they beat us by a couple of runs. I hurt my abductor muscle a little bit on a stupid play at second. I had no chance to make the play, so I should have just gotten out of the way, but instead I tried to cover the bag, slipped, and did an impromptu splits.

Friday: A very, very slow six miles. A fistful of ibuprofen afterwords. Then I jumped into the car and began the drive down to Nashville for Uncle Not A's funeral. I got as far as Marion, IL. I stayed there in an Econolodge. It wasn't real great, but after I turned out the light, it looked like the Ritz.

Saturday: My abductor felt much better, so I did a faster five miles around Marion. It was a nice town for a run. Good sidewalks, nice and flat. A little steamy, though. After, I drove the remaining three hours to Nashville. The funeral was nice, as these things go. Family came from all directions. Many of couldn't stay long. I stayed through until...

Sunday: Drove all the way back to Joggerville. It was about 11 hours driving, with quite a few stops. I stopped and ate both lunch and dinner in restaurants, just to be off the road. So I didn't get in until close to 9:00 last night.

Today: I should have gotten up to run, but I didn't. Maybe tomorrow.