Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1197 -- North York

From, the entrance to the Disney Store at the Yorkdale Mall in North York, Ontario. According to Wikipedia, North York doesn't actually exist anymore, having been absorbed by Toronto. But it still appears on my mapquest map, and Waymarking locates this mall in North York, not in Toronto.

Last year, on the day after the Madison Mini-Marathon, I ran another 13 miles, to complete the marathon. I fully intended to do that again this year, up until the time my alarm went off yesterday morning. Then I decided I could sleep another hour and run maybe six or seven miles. Three hours later, I rolled out of bed and ate breakfast.

Having had two unauthorized days off last week, I went ahead and ran this morning, on what was a scheduled day off. I got in those seven miles, and didn't feel too bad. I had had an extra day off, of course.

I'm not feeling real good about my conditioning for the marathon, now less than six weeks away. Nor am I mentally where I want to be. This week wasn't great for me mentally, and don't get me started on the Madison Marathon in May. I hope that I'll get my act together in time to have a good run in October.