Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 1202 -- Jogger's Progress

Time51 days, 12 hrs, 8 min
8 days, 17 hrs, 7 mins

Not a bad month, I guess. I took more days off than I really expected. Only 18 running days, my lowest total for over a year. The last time I ran only 18 days in a month was May, 2009. (Interesting that both were 31 day months.) Traditionally, August has been a pretty heavy month for me, but it just wasn't, this year. Part of that was the heat and humidity, and part of it is burnout. I'm definitely pushing too hard. After the Lakefront Marathon, I'm going to take a big break.

Speaking of heat and humidity, I had a nice run this morning. I ran a total of 10K, with the middle 5K being at a slightly faster pace. I felt good, but man did I sweat! Another couple of days of this, and then the weather is supposed to cool off again.