Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Some random thoughts from today's Stats exam...

  • I am having a hell of a time getting the names in one section. Not all of them, just one group of women. I have three Emilys, two Ambers, and two Amandas. Those names just feel too similar to me. If it were three Emilys, two Tiffanys and two Brookes, it would be a lot easier on my old brain. (Did I mention that there is also one Ashley in that section?)
  • I have a separate cover sheet and an exam sheet. I staple them all together at the end, but in case I run out of staples (or forget my stapler entirely), each has a blank at the top for their name, helfully labelled "Name:" I had four separate students ask if I wanted them to put their name on it, thereby disproving the old adage that there are no stupid questions. I am at a loss for an answer that is not too smart ass.
  • One student, on her way out, said, "Thank you." Excuse me? "Thank you" for what? For giving an exam? For giving one that wasn't too hard? Until proven otherwise, I'm assuming that she meant "Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher."
  • I handed back a paper today. It's fairly unusual to have a paper in a math class, so on the day I assigned it, I gave out a full page handout explaining the assignment, and I took some time to talk about why I assigned it, and what I expected. The next class day, I went in and talked about it a second time, clarifying some of the things that people had asked about. It was due the next class day, and I asked them to hand it in. As I gave the papers back, I asked one student why he hadn't done it. His reply: "I didn't know about it." And no, he hasn't missed a day. I checked.