Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Call me "Senator Jogger"

I have been elected to Faculty Senate for next year. This is not the result of any mad ambition on my part. Faculty Senate, for those of you not in the academic world, is not exactly the center of power in the institution. Mostly they pass advisory resolutions that are ignored by the administration and the Board of Regents. But they do a few things that are important enough that the department felt that we should have a representative. Our current representative is going off, and, since we are the largest department in the college, it was more or less a matter of deciding whom we wanted and throwing our weight behind that person. And I'm the lucky guy.

I've attended a few Faculty Senate meetings, and they are pretty much like any committee meetings, only moreso. Lots of talking in circles. Lots of posturing. Lots of picking over tiny little points in unimportant items, followed by quickly passing the important stuff at the end because everyone is tired and wants to go home.

I'm so looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nephew: Sounds like this is a good place to catch up on naps, rfp, or grading papers.m

Anonymous said...

Still... Congratulations!!