Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Days 306 and 307 -- Glasco, Kansas

From the Glasco, Kansas, home page comes this photo of a soda fountain. The store is apparently called "Hodge Podge." The history page mentions that Glasco was "incorporated as a city of the third class April 14, 1886." I'm intrigued to know that it was a city of the third class. How is that defined? Is there a city of the fourth class?

I didn't blog yesterday because I gave another calculus exam in the evening. It went OK, although it went a bit long. But, hey, that's why I give evening exams. Anyway, I came right home and basically fell into bed without turning on the computer at all.

Yesterday I ran an easy four miles, and today I ran a hard seven. I ran a mile at a comfortable pace, then two miles pretty fast, then a mile slower, then two more miles fast, then one more mile slow. This was nice, because it broke up the seven miles into smaller chunks. But that fourth chunk was pretty tough. On Friday, I'm supposed to run seven again, and I'm planning to try to run the same average pace, but more evenly. Speed up my slows and slow down my fasts.