Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 654 -- Trinidad

Brian made a web page for his motorcycle trip up the coast of California, clear into Canada, and he took this picture of a pier outside the restaurant where he had lunch in Trinidad.

Today was scheduled for a three mile easy run, but I pushed it up over four, partly in penance for yesterday's breakdown. Part of my brain, the insane part that is trying to kill me, is telling me that I need to work harder, so that I don't get hit like I did yesterday. The other part, the sane part that is trying to keep me alive, is pointing out that a struggle like yesterday's means I'm probably already working too hard, and I need to back off. Really, the sane part won today. I did run a little further than scheduled, but I ran it easy, and I feel OK now.

Next week's topic on Take It and Run Thursday is "Overcoming the Tough Stuff", and I will probably have something more to say about yesterday's run. Another week should put it into perspective. Today's topic is "Gimme Food!" and I just don't have anything to say about that.