Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 656 -- Redwood National Park

I'm running by Redwood National Park. I will continue to run by Redwood National Park for at least a week. At over 100,000 acres, it's a big 'un. Actually, it's two big 'uns, a national park and a state park, but I can't tell which is where.

This image comes from an interesting site.
The Park Vision project is an ongoing effort by photographer Patrick Holleran to photograph many of America's national parks. Currently, 32 parks have been photographed. The images which result from this endeavor are sold, published in printed form, and displayed the World Wide Web Park Vision complex of pages.

Nature photography lovers, be sure to click through. There's lots and lots of beautiful stuff. This image is actually on a page dedicated just to park signs, which is interesting in its own way, but not as gorgeous as some of his other stuff.

I ran 10.4 miles today, fairly short for a long run. That's what I had scheduled, and that was pretty much all I would have been able to do. It was foggy when I left this morning, indicating slightly cooler temperatures, but literally 100% humidity. Ugh! I was slow, and by the end, I was pretty squishy, but I wasn't tempted to quit, which is good.