Thursday, September 04, 2008

Day 687 -- My Run in Pictures

This week's topic on Take It and Run Thursday at The Runners' Lounge is "My Favorite Run, In Pictures."

I know, I'm supposed to have some beautiful, scenic route, along the beach, or through a misty woods, or high above a scenic gorge. I don't do that. My favorite run, my least favorite run, and all the runs in between, are all in town. So I thought I would just show you today's run.

Mile 1: I'm basically running east from my house, but right at the mile marker, I'm temporarily facing south. I will turn left at this corner, and run east most of the next mile.

Mile 2: I'm just about to the northeast corner of town. If I were to keep running straight here, I'd run out past the cow pastures that surround every small town in Wisconsin. I often bike out that way, but never run. I'll turn right in a short block and head south to downtown.

Mile 3: Just ahead is Main Street. I'll turn right and run on Main all the way back across town. Incidentally, the building on the right with the sign in front of it is the gallery where Mrs. Jogger works part-time. But they aren't open at six in the morning, so I won't stop.

Mile 4: Almost to the other end of Main. This is the hilly part of the run. When I hit Main right after mile 3, I ran a short but steep downhill, then a long, not so steep uphill. Now I'm on the tail end of a long, not so steep downhill, and up ahead, you see a short but steep uphill. I'm pretty tired, so it will be hard, but I'm not moving that fast, so it won't be as hard as it could be.

Mile 5: Almost home. Chez Jogger is just ahead on the left. I'll actually run past it, all the way to the corner. All my runs begin and end at that corner. Longer runs are concatenations of 3, 4, and 5 mile loops, each of which begins and ends at that corner.

Now is the time to admit that I didn't take those pictures on my run this morning. I took them yesterday, from my bike. It was too dark this morning, and, as it turned out, rainy. It's been raining steadily all day. They say that this is the remnants of Hurricane Gustav. In any case, between the rain and being still sore from three rather hard days in a row, I didn't feel much like running this morning. But I did. My body has been taken over by some alien force that makes me run whether I want to or not. That is, as long as the schedule says to run. Since the schedule says to take tomorrow off, I hope the aliens will sleep in.


kara said...

Look out for cars! I try to get off the roads when I can.
Thanks for sharing your run.

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

I'm right there with you running in the neighborhoods. That's what gets me out the door every day.

Hope the aliens let you sleep in this morning.