Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 700!

Today is the 700th day of my virtual journey, which began way back at the beginning of 2006.

Here, you see the cover of the book "Seven Hundred Penguins", which is, I kid you not, a collection of covers of 700 books published by Penguin. I suppose technically, it should be Seven Hundred and One Penguins, since it's got its own cover. Anyway, I got the image from Beattie's Book Blog. Thanks, Beattie. The other image I could have chosen is the logo for the 700 Club, but I decided to pass on that.

A thunderstorm this morning forced me indoors. On the one hand, I can run faster indoors, because there are no hills, no wind, and no traffic to deal with. I actually ran almost a mile further than yesterday in about six fewer minutes. On the other hand, running inside is boring. I guess I should count my blessings. At least I have an indoor track. A lot of people have to do the treadmill, which is boring and not as good exercise.


Joe said...

Wow. What an accomplishment. So are you planning to virtually run Europe next? Just an idea...