Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 698 -- Woodburn

Thanks to rgtmum at Flikr, here are some tulips a Woodburn, Oregon. Woodburn has an annual Tulip Festival. Yes, I am in Marion County, visiting a Tulip Festival. It's not quite like the Tulip Festival that I'm used to, though. Rather than being a three-day celebration of Dutch heritage and Klompen dancing, it is a month long open house at a tulip farm. Pretty tulips, anyway.

The play last night went until about 11:30. With the drive home and all, I wasn't in bed until close to one. So I wasn't in any shape to pop up and run this morning. However, I really wanted the exercise, so I went out for about an hour after church. It was good, but a bit warm. It was close to 80 and sunny. I remember now why I like to run in the cool of the morning. I did manage a brisk pace, which was good.

The play was interesting. What they did was they took both of Shakespeare's Henry IV plays and jammed them together into one long story. I'm not really familiar with the histories, so I don't know how much editing and rewriting they did in the process. As long as it was, it was still less than two full plays. It was well acted, as American Players Theatre productions always are. And it was an interesting and compelling story. And we get to cross two Shakespeare plays off our life list. In all, it was a good evening.

I'll probably be up late again tonight. The Packers are playing the Sunday night game, against the hated Cowboys. Right now, they are down by a touchdown. Anyway, tomorrow isn't a running day, so I can sleep in again, if I have to.


Kent said...

Wow that would be anti-climatic in comparison to OC or Pella's festival. Nothing says festivities like Dutch letters, street sweepers, and meat sauages...