Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Days 703 and 704 -- Jogger's Progress

Time27 days, 22 hrs, 42 min
9 days, 9 hrs, 7 mins

Sorry, I haven't been near my home computer for two days. I'm sneaking this post in at work. Don't tell the state. I gave an evening exam last night, and I'm giving another one tonight. I don't know how that happened. Often, I'm better at spacing my exams out, but I just didn't do it this time.

I ran a quick four yesterday. I meant to go longer, but a thunderstorm blew in. It was a distant rumble of thunder when I started, but by the end of two miles, it was getting too close for comfort, so I turned around and ran right back home.

This morning, I did a slower six miles. It felt pretty good. I am still a little sore from my twenty miler on Saturday, but it's fading.

Overall, it was a fine month. I am happy with what I accomplished. The main thing now is to back off a little. I want to keep pushing, to get better for the marathon, but it's too late. I am as strong as I'm going to be, and the thing that I have to do now is to take it easy, so I arrive at the starting line rested and ready.


Joe said...

The mileage you have done is incredible. You'll be more than ready for the marathon.


Kent said...

I know all too well that desire to just keep pushing to the big day. The good news is all the hard work you've put in will just start to reap benefits over the next three weeks as you get completely recovered from the miles. By being fully recovered, you are actually going to be stronger or more prepared on race day than you are now.