Thursday, September 18, 2008

DAy 696 -- Salem

I'm not quite to Salem, yet, but it's relatively big city (and the state capitol), so I can squeeze a few days of pictures out of it. This is a picture of a skateboarder that I got from Wikimedia. The photographer, Andrew Parodi, specifically asks that I credit him if I use his photo, and I'm happy to do so. Sorry about sticking myself in there, Andrew, but that's what I do.

I noticed today that my body is really getting into the rhythm of my runs. Tuesday, when I had an easy run scheduled, an easy run was all that I was up to. I didn't feel like I could run very fast or very far. Wednesday, for my pace run, I felt good. I got out and ran (relatively) fast, and enjoyed it. Today, I again felt like an easy run was all that I was up to. Of course, part of that is just my mental state.

In life, today was what I call a "War of the Fleas" day. There was no one big thing keeping me from getting work done, just a million distracting little annoyances. I made it through, but I'm not as prepared for tomorrow as I would like. Oh, well, tomorrow is Friday, and then I'll get a little break.