Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day 837 -- West Yellowstone

I'm more or less to West Yellowstone, Montana. In case you don't know, West Yellowstone is a town that's, well, just west of Yellowstone. Tomorrow, I should run into the park itself.

These photos are from a page prepared by some students at the North Wasco School District in Oregon. A cursory glance didn't reveal the grade of the students. It's probably in there, somewhere.

We continue to have cold mornings. I don't think it was quite as windy as it was yesterday, but it was still cold. I ran a decent pace over a fairly hilly route, so it was a good workout.

Sorry I haven't had very many interesting posts, lately. It's that time of the semester. When I do get time to relax, I don't spend it thinking up fun and interesting things to say on my blog. Some of the blogs I follow don't update very frequently, for similar reasons. At least my journey keeps me posting regularly, even if the posts aren't so exciting.