Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 851 -- Spring at Yellowstone

Well, I'm not sure exactly where I am, and I'm in kind of a hurry. But it was beautiful spring weather this morning, so I had the great idea. I would Google "Spring at Yellowstone", and get some nice generic shot of flowers or something. Except I forgot that a lot of the sights at Yellowstone are springs. So, this is Grand Prismatic Spring. No idea what season it was when this was taken.

I resisted the urge to photoshop myself into the photo. I would have had to have been really small. This guy is 300 feet across. Also, it would have clashed with my pants.

An easy five miles this morning. As I mentioned, the weather was beautiful. I'm off to a conference today, but I'll be back tomorrow afternoon to blog about my Saturday morning run.


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Atrusni said...

LOL, great picture, and great blog concept

Keep up on the runs!!, be careful on the knees!, I didn't and had a small knee ache that is bugging me!