Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 848 -- Steamboat Point

Oh, Lord. Somehow, I noticed that I can run my hundredth day of the year on April 30, but only if I run every day for the rest of the month. [For comparison, the 100th days of the first three years of JogAmericaBlog have been June 6, 2006, May 16, 2007, and May 21, 2008.]

Now, this is a silly goal. I've been doing quite well, running five or six days a week, but when I try to stretch it to over a week straight, that's when I tend to burn out. And I'm supposed to start marathon training at the beginning of May, so this is a terrible time to try stretch my limits. And, ultimately, it's a silly goal. I mean, who cares if the 100th day of the year is April 30 or May 1 or May 3?

So, I'm going for it. I doubt I'll make it. I imagine that next Monday or Tuesday, I just won't feel up to running, and I'll take a day off, and the 100th day will come at the beginning of May. But I have to try.

It may help that I didn't run far this morning. There was a cold drizzle, so I ran 3.7 miles, just to say that I did it, and then came in and warmed up.

Steamboat Point photo from Webshots Travel.


Beth said...

I'm just catching up and am laughing at your 5K recap below. The pictures tell the story- nice costume and congrats on your prize!