Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 852 -- Shoshone National Forest

Well, I guess the 100th day of 2009 will be in early May.

This weekend was the annual statewide meeting for the professional organization to which I belong. The meeting went from noon Friday to noon Saturday. This year, the local organizers had the idea to add a "Pi K" and "2 Pi K" run on Saturday morning. Great idea. I signed up, and brought my running stuff. However, I woke up yesterday morning to thunder and heavy rain, so I didn't go. I guess that a few people showed up, and they went to the gym to run. If I'd known that, I could have gone, but I didn't. So I didn't run at all, yesterday.

The storms promised to stretch overnight, so I didn't set an alarm. I wondered if I was going to get a run in today at all. But I woke up at 6:30 to relative quiet, so I went for a quick 7.5 mile run. There was light rain at times, but no thunder, and it wasn't that cold. I didn't get in a long run, because I didn't have time, but at least I got something.

Just east of Yellowstone is Shoshone National Forest. According to, Shoshone is the oldest National Forest in the U.S. It's a big, big old thing, and I'm not sure where this sign is. But hey, it's a photo.