Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 845 -- Fitness Means Life

Today was the First Annual Fitness Means Life Fun Run at my university. It was a Friday afternoon 5K, which attracted about 75 runners and walkers. They had a contest for the best costume, so this is what I wore:

I brought the oldest and newest Little Jogger along as a photographer. Here she caught me about halfway through the race, which was a double figure eight.

Below, you can see me motoring into the finish. My official time was 29:29, which wasn't too bad, under the conditions. I am not in 5K shape, having run mostly longer and slower for, well, the whole year, and most of last. And the course was a lot of grass and trail, which is not the surface I'm used to. And it was a bit too warm for long pants and two shirts. And it was late afternoon, rather than my usual early morning. Is that enough excuses? No? Well, my friend Mike, who does run 5Ks, claims that the course was long. He was sure he ran faster than his official time would indicate.

And here I am, holding aloft my trophy. That's correct, I won "Best Costume". Frankly, I would have given it to the relay team that dressed as the Village People. But they won the relay, so maybe the organizers were loath to give them two awards.

Here's a close up of the trophy. I don't know if you'll be able to read it, but it says "[My University's Initials] Fitness Means Life Fun Run - Spring 2009" and the circle in the trophy contains the word "1st". That's correct, it does not mention "Best Costume". So I hereby declare myself to have won my division: Clowns over 40.

In any case, it was a fun way to wile away a Friday afternoon. Beats grading, hands down.


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