Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 841 -- Old Faithful

There are approximately 106,000 photos of Old Faithful on the web, and most of them seem to look the same. I chose this one from the Healy-Guttman Blog, because it has Jack in it, to give it a little perspective.

I've actually been to Old Faithful, on a family trip back before any of the Little Joggers. I believe this is the first location that I can say for certain that I've been to since I left Grandma Jogger's house back in November, 2006.

I did my long run this morning, and I tried the Galloway Method. For those of you not in the know, Jeff Galloway is a runner who advocates frequent walk breaks. I have resisted the siren call of Galloway, because it seems not quite kosher. But hey, I walked significant chunks at the end of both my marathons. Maybe for this next one, I can spread the walking around, and finish stronger and faster.

In any case, I ran 15 miles today, and at the end of each of the first 12, I walked for approximately one minute. It went okay, although I was hardly fresh as a daisy at the end. Of course, 15 miles is my longest run of the year, so far. My overall pace was not bad at all. I didn't lose a whole lot of time walking. I intend to keep doing it, and try it in my next marathon, the Fox Cities Marathon, in September.