Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 1026 -- More Zumbrota

Zumbrota, Minnesota just kind of trips off the tongue, doesn't it? "I drove my Toyota from Zumbroata, Minnesota to North Dakota to pick up a case of cherry soda." It's just a nice name for a town.

The City of Zumbrota web site informs me that the bridge I ran through yesterday is Minnesota's only remaining functioning covered bridge. Also,
The City boasts an active Main Street, growing commercial & industrial sectors, strong residential roots and well maintained parks & open space. The population is now over 3,100 with about 1,300 households and 210 businesses.
And it sounds great.

I did a sneaky tempo run today on the dreadmill. Every five minutes, I bumped up my speed just a little bit, until I was running at close to an 8:30 pace. I sustained that pace for 10 minutes, then backed down. It was a nice workout, and different from the steady runs I've been doing.